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dear 6th year

go fuck yourself. i hate you and your goals and the way you order me about. i hate that you’re a clingy bitch and leave me no time to myself. i hate that you want all my attention, and i hate that my parents get mad when i don’t give it to you. i hate that my life is slowly just becoming you and i hate your fucking importance. go burn yourself you fucking whore.




31. How many shapes you can draw at the same time.
Doodle Everyday 16 Dec 2010


31. How many shapes you can draw at the same time.

Doodle Everyday 16 Dec 2010

i changed my url. because it’s true. george r.r. martin, you are my hero. let’s get married bby


look everyone. look at his fine captainy-looking face, his remarkable glasses. his ruffly beard and his small smirk of pride at his writing skill. 

i’m reading a dance with dragons now, and these books, they are better than porn. 

Saturday: woke up, had a shower, got dressed, went to grinds. Found you before we went into maths and you kept attempting to distract me. Said goodbye to you after and went to French. Met you waiting outside for me and walked to see our friends. Went back to mine, you chatted to my dad, headed to yours. Got a taxi from yours with your family and ian and went to susans where I had a brilliant time. Indian food, cocktails, wine and cranium, it was pretty fucking awesome. And I think your family actually likes me.
Sunday morning 2am: you came back downstairs from your room and into my bed and the most delicious 2 hours of my life follow, I can see why they refer to it as making love now. Fell asleep next to you, with your arms around me.
Sunday: woke up and watched due date followed by some stupid tv shows, your mum made us scrambled eggs on baguettes. Stayed cuddling for like 4 hours and then I changed while you had a shower. Beat your brother twice in Orion like a fucking boss and then carved a pumpkin while he made us pizza bread :’) your costume was crazy. And then you left after dropping me home and having dinner. And now I miss you.

It’s sort of weird how wrong it feels not being with you now. We spent like 32 hours in a row together and now you’re not here briefly. I know I’m seeing you later, but I still really miss you.


Homemade Puzzle Box of the Day: Pro: The puzzle box YouTuber Xemnas2421 hand-built for his girlfriend Gretchen is really neat and thoughtful and undoubtedly makes a great Christmas present.

Con: Unlocking it opens a portal to Hell.


I love you. Today was one of those really rare, perfect days. You make me smile so hard, and you know the things I like and you make every morning worth getting up to. I’m glad I’ve had 6 months with you, I hope to have years more, because I honestly think you’re the thing I’ve been missing in life, that thing that makes me happy and whole and needed. I love you darling.